General Procurement Conditions

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is the office address wrong?
  • What does Essent mean with the registered office address?
  • Why is the ascription on the invoice wrong?
  • Why does Essent not accept an invoice containing multiple ascriptions?
  • What is the correct billing address?
  • What is the street, number, or mailbox in the billing address?
  • What is the German VAT number?
  • Which VAT rate should be used?
  • Why is the VAT number on the invoice wrong?
  • Our invoice was returned since the VAT number was missing. What should we do?
  • What should we do if our company is not VAT liable?
  • Why is the PO number (order number) on my invoice wrong?
  • An invoice was returned because a PO number (order number) was missing. What should we do?
  • An invoice was returned, should we send a credit invoice?
  • What is Essent’s term of payment?